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Pat Flynn's had himself quite a career. From his work as a producer for artists like Crucial Smith and Alan Thornhill, to his session guitar work on over 300 CD projects, Flynn has had a distinguished and noteworthy career. If you haven't heard his work on Raul Malo's "Nashville Acoustic Sessions", now is a good time to do so.


Many of us will fondly remember Flynn as a member of New Grass Revival, a group that brought the bluegrass sound a progressiveness that people are still marveling at today. Country fans will remember Flynn's writing of Hello Baton Rogue and Do What You Gotta Do, two New Grass Revival tunes recorded later by Garth Brooks.


Peering back out of the studio in recent months, Flynn has been making the festival circuit with John Cowan, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott and others. And now, at long last, is this recording.


reQuest marks Flynn's full return to visibility. If you're looking for traditional bluegrass, this isn't it. What reQuest is, though, is a collection of tunes from many of the musical paths Flynn has traveled over the years. Traditional and contemporary folk are present. There's a great semi-acoustic cover of the Band's Shape I'm In. And, there are songs written by Flynn.

This album resists categorization, other than to say it is a collection of songs Pat Flynn likes, arranged in a way that pleases him And he isn't alone.


Joining Flynn on the album are former New Grass Revival mates John Cowan and Bela Fleck, former New South bassist Steve Bryant, Rob Ickes on Dobro, fiddler Stuart Duncan (who seems to be everywhere these days) and many more.

reQuest makes for good listening. Some familiar tunes, some new, but all good. It's nice to see Pat Flynn out there again.


SKU: 366615376135191
  • 1) Sundown (Pat Flynn)

    2) Shape I'm In (J. Robbie Robertson)

    3) Lila (Pat Flynn)

    4) If I Had A Hammer (Pete Seeger, Lee Hays)

    5) All On A Rising Day (Pat Flynn, Peter Rowan)

    6) In The Middle of the Night (Pat Flynn)

    7) The Word ("Hobo Jim" Varsos, Buck Moore)

    8) Big Mistake (David Wilcox)

    9) Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Traditional)

    10) Mother Lode (Robb "Rabbit" Mackay)

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